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((independent RP blog for Geoffrey St. John, a character from the Archie Sonic comics. Will interact with anyone, within reason. Prone to occasional silliness and gratuitous accent emphasis.))

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((i didn’t really announce it here but this account is essentially dead now

((its hiiiiighly unlikely ill start it up again; sorry

((too much confusion and drama for me to stay an open indie account

((so i started a new geoff account but it’s closed off; ‘cliquey’ as one might say. if you’re really really dead set on rping with a geoffrey played by me you can ask me on my personal for that one. otherwise pipesmokeandmirrors will be around… eventually and will not be closed off.

((but yeah if you haven’t unfollowed this account yet i recommend doing so now

((yeah uvu))

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imageformykingandcountry replied to your post: “You’re bloody kidding me.”



“Th’ hell, Geoffrey…?”

He sobs loudly. “I’M SO PROUD! YOU’RE A FUNCTIONING MEMBER OF SOCIETY, I —" He dissolves into an unintelligible mess.

One traitor meets another…


Gamma moved onward, in a new search for one of the gems that most Mobians, would cut off their own limbs for in order to obtain.

Chaos Emeralds…

In no place were those 2 simple words, more sought after and fought over, than this planet of humanoid talking animals and power hungry humans. You could not go anywhere on this earth and not have heard about these legendary treasures…

All mobians and humans, no matter what their species or beliefs, could deny the sheer powers that these 7 jewels of endless beauty contained. Many would fight wars and conquer galaxies, just to own one of these dangerous, all mighty gems.

So as one could imagine, our dear friend E102 Gamma, was on a very precarious road. He however, didn’t care at all about what sorts of troubles, that would be brought upon him should he start to ask questions about the emeralds. He merely sought a means, by which he could continue to seach for his brothers.

Luckily, thanks to information he gained from one of the many Metal Sonics, a Chaos Emerald was what he needed. Sadly to actually find one of them proved to be a very difficult task indeed. In fact, most people who knew about them, always referenced Sonic or Robotnik in someway.

The main reason for this was obvious. Most people on Mobius knew that the Emeralds were often used in the battles going on, between these two opposing forces so as such, they chose to stay well away from anything remotely related to the jewels.

There were some though, who relished on the prospect of gaining all the emeralds for themselves, so they could make a wish or the like. Either that or gain immense power, which no doubt they could, if they were strong enough.

Anyway getting back to the main point of all this, Gamma had searched many vast areas of Mobius, looking for one of the many Chaos Emeralds of his zone. This search had gone on well through the month of December and the begining of January.

He had missed Christmas and New Year but then again, they were lifeform holidays not things he had time for, at least not yet. Maybe when things were peaceful, and he was living a happy peaceful life with his brothers such a thing could be possible, but until then it would have to wait.

“I have to find them…” he muttered as his metalic wings beat through the constant updrafts and downdrafts that blew for only a mere moment before disappearing into nothing.

The skunk whistles to himself idly, admiring the landscape of this strange Zone he’s come to. The days in New Mobotropolis seemed to pass by so monotonously for the skunk, so he was happy to have found enough free time to go Zone-hopping again -  something that had brought him both stress and relax ion over the past year.

He strolls the frosted woods, not particularly looking for anything, just wishing to clear his mind. The place is beautiful; it’s not even that different from the Mobius he knows, but simply to be aware that so many other lovely places like this exist is truly something to admire.

He steps out from the foliage. He breathes in and then out again, taking in the sights around him…

… that is, until he finds his view blocked by a bizarre red dragon headed flying right over his head. “I have to find them…” its metallic voice mumbles, and the skunk quickly ducks back into the foliage as though the block of metal was even headed for him in the first place. 

After it passes over, Geoffrey comes back out and yells, “Oi!! Watch where you’re going!”

sally-mun sent: Where's Geoffrey's favorite place to have his fur petted?


((he’s become used to sonic running her fingers through his hair, and now it’s soothing to him. otherwise, petting his tail will get him flustered pretty easily))

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Anonymous sent: Cute Geoffrey headcanons?

((!!! well i don’t know what qualifies as cute, but i’ve kept up the headcanon that he’s afraid of lightning and that ice cream always cheers him up, if that counts omg))


Anonymous sent: i have to make a bigass intro post with all the details. you just make an ask and then poof, you got a big-ass rp. im so jealous

((yeah I’m guessing this is directed at me, rather than the muse.

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Miles nearly jumps in surprise. He hesitates, then brings the cigarette to his mouth, takes a drag, and sighs, blowing the smoke towards Geoffrey’s direction.

“Show off.”

Without thinking, he laughs out loud, eases against the couch, and fades into a chuckle. “You know I always am.”

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The fox thinks it over for a moment, then shrugs, dismounts the other, and places himself on the other end of the couch, back where he started. Geoffrey was right, but whatever, it was well worth it.

Miles leans down to pick up the cigarette, pulling a lighter out of his pocket, then moves to light it up. “Well, you were asking for it,” he muses in the end, though not as cheery as before.

Geoffrey promptly lifts himself back into the position where he was before as well. He observes the fox leaning down to pick up the cigarette, but before he can lift it back to his lips, the skunk aims, snaps the fingers of one hand, and lights it for him. He can’t kill the boy, but he can certainly remind him that he’s capable of doing so.

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Without missing a beat, the fox bursts into a cackling bout of laughter, head thrown back for added effect. He shifts himself out of the headlock, one hand placed on the skunk’s bare chest. He looks down again, catches his breath, wheezes, then mumbles, “Oh, you should’ve seen your face.” 

He flashes a cocky grin at him, not at all bothered by that furious expression. This was his revenge, after all.

“… Just the same as before,” Miles finally whispers .

His face remains red, the embarrassment gone and replaced by simple rage. “Oi,” he interjects, distinct anger in his tone. “Aren’t I supposed to be the one who can’t get over anything?” the skunk asks pointedly.