Ixis Geoffrey St. John, Royal Army Commander and Apprentice to King Ixis Naugus, here. Is there something I can help you with?

Status: Happier than he should be. Trying to catch up on what he's missed.

M!A Status: None. (Note that I'm not going to be taking any for a little while)

Optimistic twin residing in the bathroom for an indefinite period of time.

On hiatus for an indefinite amount of time due to school. Hiatus over!

((independent RP blog for Geoffrey St. John, a character from the Archie Sonic comics. Will interact with anyone, within reason. Prone to occasional silliness and gratuitous accent emphasis.))

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((… before i go, protip: replying to me even when i’m not online is a really cool thing to do because i do go back through all my conversations and check for those and it’s better than not continuing the conversation until we magically happen to be on line at the exact same time again okay?? okay))